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Did I Say That Sunday Was My Favorite Day?....Tuesday Is Looking Pretty Good!

I really was not going to talk about my chickens today.  Instead, I was going to talk about my oven or I should say my lack there of, but that is for another time.  I just needed to tell someone what my chickens just put me through.  I love my girls and spoil them and the fact that they are in the waning egg production years doesn't bother me at all.  That occasional egg is treated as a blessing.  They get oatmeal in the winter, yogurt and fruit in the summer, they have free range of my yard, including my vegetable garden, yet still they misbehave, specifically Maggie!  I can't be that mad at Tiffany because she just follows Maggie's lead. So here is what happened (I am just thankful that there isn't a video).  The girls had been out since 6 am and it was now 10:30 am, I had to run some errands so I put together their yogurt and blueberries, knowing that they would come running and go back in their pen (which is very big for 2 chickens). But oh no, Maggie refused to come out from under the bushes.  Well, I finally had to go in after her and if you can believe it, because I still can not, I literally had to have a wrestling match with that chicken.  It was a knock down, feather flying exchange which left me filthy and on the ground.  Maggie, of course, was unharmed, and unfazed by the whole ordeal.  Me, I was in shock as I carried her under my arm, to the pen with Tiffany following close behind.  I watched as they calmly ate their yogurt and blueberries as if nothing had happened.  I started to wonder, does this happen to any other chicken owner or just me?......C'est Ma Vie!

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