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Food For Thought And Fixing An Oven!

Sometimes I think that what happens at my house is so crazy that I don't even believe it. This week a family of turkeys arrived one morning and really haven't left.  Shockingly, Maggie and Tiffany are now laying eggs, much to my delight, but I will see how long that lasts.  My dogs are good, taking all the wildlife in stride.  I need a break from the craziness so I am going to invite you into my other life, my store life.  I meet fabulous people everyday who have a lot to say and share and I love it!  It is where I find a lot of my inspiration for recipes and life.  Here is just a bit of what has inspired me in the last week.  I love making pizza, but not having had an oven for months has put a damper on that love.  A customer has inspired me into oven fixing action by simply sharing a pizza that she was making for dinner. Zucchini, mozzarella, parmesan, oregano, and a drizzle of olive oil.  Yum!  I have also been talking homemade pasta for days so naturally I can hardly wait to make lasagna. Just another inspiration for getting my oven fixed.  It seems that everyone is talking chocolate, eating and baking.  So of course, I have been cutting chocolate for days and those small pieces that break off just happen to find themselves being eaten!  Can't you just picture a chocolate lava cake baking in the oven!  It is all that I have been dreaming of! I think that I have found a trend in this post and yet another reason that I can't wait for my oven to be fixed.  Thanks to everyone who shared, you have done for me what I couldn't do for myself.....find a reason to fix my oven!  I think it was a divine intervention!.....C'est Ma Vie 

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