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A Working Thanksgiving Can Be Great Fun!

Well, my Thanksgiving was a working one.  Mind you, I was working at home, in my pajamas, but working none the less.  My Thanksgiving meal was a series of recipes that I was putting together, believe it or not, for next year's Thanksgiving column.  It was so much fun eating and taking pictures as I went.  I started at 8 am with pumpkin cheesecake and whipped cream with my coffee, followed by roasted brussel sprouts, drizzled with meyer lemon olive oil at around 10 am.  Next came a banana bread, cranberry sauce, and sweet potatoes at around noon.  I took a break, reading a book by the fire and getting ready for stuffing and turkey.  It was 3 pm when the turkey was done and it was so good with the sausage stuffing. I was cleaned up and ready to pick up my children at the airport around 5 pm.  There was a beautiful hour before leaving that I just sat and smiled at my day.  Who would have ever thought that Thanksgiving would be wonderful with only myself as company.  Life is full of surprises!  I did have one more piece of pumpkin cheesecake before I left for the airport, yum! Pick up was effortless and when I brought my precious cargo home safe and sound, we preceded to have another Thanksgiving meal at 9 pm.  I will remember this Thanksgiving Day for many years to come!  Peace, Karen

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