To A Fabulous Spring And The Ending Of Another Chapter

Posted on March 27, 2015 by Karen Schumann | 0 comments

My beautiful front door with the setting sun shining.

For spring to make an entrance, we must close the door on winter.  It was a tough one, even though it was only a handful of weeks, it still packed a harsh punch.  As people have started to emerge from their homes, I've been amazed at their stories. People have been sick, they couldn't get their driveways plowed or they were sick of shoveling it themselves, so they just stayed home.  Sidewalks and stairs were icy and the bitter cold was none stop.  People had pipes bursting, ceiling leaks, and heating issues. Getting into work was a problem and so were school closings.  Here at the store, I had an incredibly quiet winter, which worried me quite a bit.  But before I close the door on this harsh winter, I want to share some great joys that the winter brought and with it the belief in the kindness of people.  When that first snowfall came and gave me 2 feet of snow someone showed up, out of nowhere, as I was shoveling and snow blowed my whole driveway and sidewalk for nothing but a sincere thank you.  Another time, as I was shoveling a woman who had gotten her car stuck on a hill, again, out of nowhere, a gentleman came to our rescue and then went on his way.  One evening, after a daytime snowfall, I came home and found my sidewalk already shoveled.  I had a plumber and an electrician help me out at a moments notice, even though I was being a bit selfish and bratty.  I really could go on and on about the wonders of this winter, but it is time to close the door and finish the chapter, opening a new one called spring.  Cheers and here's to a fabulous spring! Karen




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