Being The Mother Of Boys

Posted on June 07, 2015 by Karen Schumann | 1 comment
Some of you may know and for those of you who don't, I have three sons.  They are all grown, are doing their own thing, and have become wonderful men.  All are a work in progress, as am I, as we all are. Always growing, always learning, it is our purpose on this earth.  I talk to people everyday who have only sons and yearn for a daughter and I always ask why.  Boys are fun, challenging, and loud, but in the end, they might bring you the daughter that you always wanted.  Everyone laughs, but when they stop to think, they realize that it is true.  Being the mother of sons presents us with a fabulous opportunity to teach the value of being honest, kind, generous, and loving men.  When we work toward this goal we will naturally attract the daughter that we always wanted.  Ciao!
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  • Nancy Schumann

    You did a great job raising those boys. Excuse me, men.


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