What To Learn From A Pair Of Deck Chairs

Posted on June 09, 2015 by Karen Schumann | 0 comments
I woke up this morning thinking about life, love, friendship, and the two deck chairs that sit on my back porch, on which I love to just sit, drink my coffee, read a book or sunbathe. This morning, a passing comment made several years ago by someone at my home jumped to mind.  On walking past my deck chairs they said to someone "I want those and I want to be able to sit there and have my coffee". I remember thinking to myself, how funny, why would they want to sit in my deck chairs and have coffee and not their own.  It was such a quick exchange, a passing thought and forgotten until this morning.  When I thought about it again, I still found it funny, but a quick understanding became clear.  It was easier for them to picture themselves sitting in mine and what it meant to me than it was for them to actually create it for themselves. For me, the lesson, if you want something, whether it be a new pair of shoes, a new job, a new man or woman in your life, a pair of deck chairs to have coffee on, or as simple as an iced coffee, have love for yourself and get it for you. Having someone else's is never as good as having gotten it for yourself.
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