Finding The Strength And Courage To Keep Going....

Posted on August 24, 2015 by Karen Schumann | 0 comments
There are some days that I ask myself, what am I doing, is what I'm doing worth it, is anyone listening or reading or seeing my efforts?  Will I ever be able to repay the kindnesses that people have shown me or reward the faith that they have had in me with great success?  These are questions that I struggle with a bit, especially when I least expect it.  I was tired yesterday.  I had worked all week and I was working on my day off going over my website, adding new things, revamping others, editing pictures, making lists of what I needed to do and what I needed to learn in the coming days, all the while having to do all the home stuff, and it all just caught up to me.  I was overwhelmed and afraid that all of my energies were never going to bear fruit and that I was going in the wrong direction.  Well, the universe, I prefer to say God, sent me a little message in the form of two of my sons that had a beautiful effect on me.  One, out of the blue, decided to make dinner, such a treat, and it was delicious.  The other offered these words of wisdom after I told him about my fears, "Well mom, think of my friend Adam who after attempting to catch a fish all summer, finally caught his first one today after watching me catch them time and time again.  So I guess you have to keep going and eventually it will happen".  I went to bed and quietly reflected on the events of the day and realized that, all in all, it was a good day and I just needed a good nights rest.  I woke up very slowly this morning and savored a little extra time in bed knowing that my faith in myself and in what I was doing needed to be restored, replenished, and renewed but knowing that I had the strength and courage to do so, I just needed to reach deep into my storage tank and let it all flow.  We are never alone!  Ciao, Karen



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