Pure and Simple... Salt

Posted on May 28, 2014 by Karen Schumann | 0 comments


I love salt!  As I was photographing the many different salts in my store, I realized that each salt is so different in smell, taste, and texture.  I started to really think about salt and the part that it plays in my everyday cooking and eating.  I eat with a conscious effort to know where and how my food is harvested and prepared, so why wouldn't that apply to the salt that I use and put into my body. Pure and simple, salt is necessary for the human body.  Sea Salt is naturally harvested with all of its mineral content intact.  Knowing that fact, with all the different sea salts available to us today, why would anyone put processed, refined to the point of no nutritional value salt on their table or next to their stove.  This is just the opinion of this girl who thinks about the food that she eats.




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