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What To Do With That Extra Bottle Of Wine...Make Sangria, Of Course!

A few years ago my friends joined me at a gift show in NYC for the day.  It was on this trip that Kate, introduced us to Serafina, a great restaurant with many locations in the city.  It was there that I discovered Sangria!  I watched as they poured the last few gulps of wine from a bottle when there wasn't enough to make a glass and oh how those gulps added up to the most delicious Sangria that I have ever tasted.  So now, when I have an extra bottle of wine just hanging around the house, I just make a quick Sangria.  It could be an old one, like the Beaujolais that is pictured or a 1/2 bottle of a couple of different wines, I just throw them together and add a little club soda, frozen strawberries and blueberries and viola, a fabulous and wonderful Sangria is born!

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