Cumin, Cumin, Cumin.........How Wonderful You Are!

Posted on July 16, 2014 by Karen Schumann | 0 comments

Ground Cumin Seed Powder

Whole Cumin Seed


Cumin, cumin, cumin....... how wonderful you are!  As spices go, cumin is one of my favorites.  It is a staple in my spice collection at home.  It is earthy, rich, peppery, with slight citrus overtones, yet with a sharp and slightly sweet taste.  It adds an amazing flavor to any recipe.  People associate cumin with Mexican and Spanish cooking, but cumin has been an intricate part of Indian and Middle Eastern cooking for centuries!  I use it in spice rubs, chili, I may add a dash to a soup or stew to give it a little something special, in brown rice, with lentils, garbanzo and black beans.  It is great with sweet potatoes, mixed in a marinade combined with lime juice for chicken and vegetables, used on short ribs, steaks, and brisket.  I even used some to flavor my omelet.  The possibilities are endless!  I have long been a believer in the goodness of herbs and spices and research is starting to back this up.  Cumin, along with being a flavorful spice, is believed to be a boost for overall health.  It is an excellent source of iron, and is said to benefit the digestive system, and improve immunity.  I just love cumin for what it adds to my cooking, but it is nice to know that it might actually be good for you!  Add a little spice to your cooking, try cumin!


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