The Aroma Of Pepper Does Something To This Girl!

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Oh, how I love what pepper can do to a dish!  And the aroma, there just isn't anything like it! When a customer is picking out a pepper it is such a wonderful experience to let them smell each one and for me to watch their reaction to the different ones.  Aroma is how each pepper reveals it's character.  Each peppercorn has a distinctive flavor.  From spicy, to sweet, to earthy, to pungent, to clean, pepper has it all!  It is often called "the king of spices" and rightly so!  It was used in ancient times not only for spicing up bland foods, but as currency!  Black, Green, and White Peppercorns are actually the same fruit, the difference in color is due to the varying stages of development and when and how it is processed. White Peppercorns are Black Peppercorns soaked for a period of time in water so that the outer layer is peeled away.  Pepper is probably one of the ingredients that you will find in every recipe. I encourage you to get yourself a fabulous pepper mill and explore the world of pepper!

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