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White Flour Or Spelt Flour, This Girls Perspective

As I was working my way through all the flours in my pantry, trying to use what I had on hand, and letting my supply of white flour dwindle, I discovered something wonderful!  I started to feel much better using less white flour and I discovered some really fabulous ones.  My favorite being spelt flour, the subject of this column.  I have fallen in love with its nutty, slightly sweet flavor and have been using it in all of my recipes as of late.  I started slowly, substituting half of the white flour with spelt and moved closer and closer each recipe to using all spelt.  It was great making the slow change because I was able to get comfortable using it.  Spelt is comparable to whole wheat.  It is a cereal grain in the wheat family, it is more water soluable, more easily digested, and has more nutrients than whole wheat with slightly more protein and fewer calories.  Some of the things that I have discovered on my spelt adventure might be helpful if I have inspired you.  I have found that baked goods don't rise as high, they are a little denser than when you use white flour.  You also need to be gentler with batters and doughs, no over mixing or over kneading.  The texture of your finished product is slightly grainy, I describe it as giving your bread, cookies, or pancakes character.  It is really an amazing flour.  Now, I will leave you with some food for thought.  White flour is refined, every nutrient is taken out, leaving only the starch.  It is ground and in the United States the nutrients are then added back in.  If you use bleached white flour, it has been chemically bleached.  If you use unbleached white flour, it has been bleached naturally.  If not spelt, try a different flour.  A rice flour, a coconut flour, an almond flour, it can make a huge difference in how you feel and you will feel better about having the choice to do something different.  This is only this girl's perspective.

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