The Power Of Curry

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Curry Powder 

A Basic Curry (Beef With Vegetables)

Beef And Vegetable Curry Over Pasta!  Yummy!


I am not alone in my curiosity and love of curry!  I talk almost everyday to someone about it. People seem to want to come to an understanding of exactly what it is before they dive in. So here goes.....this is how this girl explains curry.  The definition is simple. Curry is a dish of meat, vegetables, alone or together, cooked in an Indian-style sauce of strong spices and typically served with rice.  The combination of spices can vary from region to region and even household to household.  The term "curry powder" is a Western term.  It is a mixture of finely ground spices. It is really non-existent in India, where the spices are just mixed together when needed.  It may contain cumin, cinnamon, nutmeg, fenugreek, coriander, cardamom, turmeric, ginger, mustard seed, chili, and pepper.  Every blend is different. I call it the power of curry because the health and healing benefits of curry powder are amazing.  It helps to ease pain and inflammation.  It boosts bone health and it has been shown to reduce Alzheimer's symptoms.  Known to stimulate anti-cancer activity and good for heart and liver health, curry powder has it all. do you use it?  Very simple! I use a curry powder in a traditional curry (pictured above, recipe below), to flavor rice, to roast vegetables, to give a soup a little zip, as a meat rub, in butter sauces, and I even use it, at times, in my guacamole.  It is a wonderful, flavorful addition to your herb and spice collection.



Serves: 4                 Prep and Cook Time is about 30 minutes tops!

Ingredients:  1 lb stew meat or beef tenderloin, cut into small, bite size pieces, 1 13.5 oz can coconut milk, 1 to 2 Tablespoons of curry powder, according to taste, 5 scallions, sliced, white and green portions, 1 lrg garlic clove, peeled and finely chopped, 1 red pepper, chopped, 1 handful of green beans, chopped into small, bite size pieces, a small handful of fresh cilantro, chopped, olive oil,  about 2 teaspoons of flour, salt, and freshly ground pepper to taste.

In a saute pan, on medium high heat and coated with olive oil, brown your beef, season with salt and pepper, stirring beef to brown both sides (no need to cook all the way through, the beef will finish cooking in the sauce). Sprinkle beef with flour (this will help to thicken the sauce) and stir, cook for a minute and remove beef to a plate. Turn down the heat to medium and add your scallions, peppers, beans, and garlic, stir and add your curry powder, stirring again until combined well.  Stir in your coconut milk and add your beef back in, along with the juices and let simmer a couple of minutes.  To finish, stir in your chopped cilantro and you are done.  Serve over rice or pasta. Delicious!

Note:  You can use chicken instead of beef.  I used the vegetables that I had in my refrigerator, but please feel free to use whatever vegetables that you like or have on hand.

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