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Sage....Purifying And Healing

If I were to pick an herb that defined me, sage would be my choice.  Hardy, giving, versatile, aromatic, and healing.  It grows all over my yard and I cook with it all the time, in every season.  I tend to just add a pinch to all of my herb and spice blends.  The fact that it has the longest history of any culinary or medicinal herb is amazing.  The latin name is salvia and is derived from the latin word to heal.  I love the quote by Martin Luther in the middle ages "Why should a man die when sage grows in his garden?"  It adds flavor to nearly any meat or cheese.  I love it with chicken, lamb, fish, and pork.  I add it to my white bean hummus, in omelettes, when I am making sweet potatoes or butternut squash, in stuffings, and sage butter is my favorite for gnocchi and pumpkin ravioli.  I love it on pizza and infused with honey.  Making sage tea is a wonderful thing when I have a bit of a cold or sore throat and when I feel that I am getting run down.  It really helps to purify my system.  I hope to have inspired you to plant some sage in your garden or to pick some up at the grocery store and give it a try, year round, and not just at Thanksgiving! 

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