You Can Never Have To Many Tart Pans!

Posted on February 20, 2015 by Karen Schumann | 0 comments

As spring approaches, it is the perfect time to talk about tarts.  Everyone seems to love making and eating them.  They can be sweet or savory. They make a great appetizer, main dish, or dessert.  Having a tart pan is a simple essential in every kitchen.  In fact, I recommend having several different sizes on hand.  I always find that customers are rushing in at the last minute for a specific size that they need for a recipe. The standard size is 9", but I am finding more and more recipes that are calling for an 11".  I have also spilt recipes into several smaller sized pans for individual servings or if I am doing a recipe that calls for a 12 1/2" tart pan and I only have an 8", I'll make a smaller one too. The possibilities are endless. There is also the option of  rectangular or square ones, they are great for savory tarts.  All and all, tart pans are a great addition to your kitchen collection.

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