It All Started With Lettuce

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While I was at the market over the weekend, all the different greens reminded me of a fabulous thing that happened two years ago at this time, the start of a glorious summer of food and a 45 lb weight loss!  And believe it or not, it all started with lettuce.  I had planted lettuce in my garden just to try something different and before I knew it, I had an over the top abundance.  Romaine, Green Leaf, Red Leaf, you name it, I had it all in my backyard and at my fingertips.  It was so easy to grow that I was truly amazed. It was in the shade most of the day except for a few hours of beautiful sun in the afternoon.  Then came the question of what to do with it all, so I just started eating salads.  If I was hungry, I would eat more salad.  It tasted so much better to me than any lettuce I had eaten before and it became a fun way to discover making different dressings and adding other things from my garden like mint, cilantro, tarragon, spinach and swiss chard.  I think I even picked the dandelion greens in my yard and threw them in.  As the spring and summer progressed, I started adding grilled chicken, steak, nuts, dried fruits, avocado, cheese, and hard boiled eggs.  It was wonderful.  So every year, in early spring, I plant my lettuce and I see what develops!

A Quick Note:  A salad spinner is a summer simple essential and a huge time saving tool!


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