What To Do With A Bunch Of Apples.....Make Applesauce, Of Course!

Posted on October 13, 2014 by Karen Schumann | 0 comments


20 minutes to fresh applesauce!  This is probably about 1 1/2 cups.

On most Wednesdays my girlfriends come to the store for coffee and pastries.  We talk about everything! Last week, one of the subjects was applesauce.  So when I went to my pantry and found that I had 8 apples, what else could I do but make applesauce.  Kate talked about how wonderful the Pioneer Woman's recipe was, while Lore just said that she uses a little red wine and a food mill.  Me, I didn't have any red wine and my internet was down so I decided to do what I usually do, which is just wing it.  Well, it turned out fabulous (or so I think) so I decided to share it.  As the apple picking season draws to a close, I hope you get out there, pick some apples, and make applesauce! Thanks Kate and Lore for being my inspiration!

Ingredients:  8 McIntosh apples, peeled, cored, and cut into big chunks, 1/3 cup of apple cider or juice, 2 Tablespoons of sugar, 1/8 Teaspoon cinnamon, a pinch or two of salt, and a little extra water if needed (I ended up using about 1/3 cup).

Into a saute pan, throw in your apples and add your apple cider.  With the heat on medium high, let your apples start to cook.  After a few minutes, turn the heat down to low and add your sugar, cinnamon, and salt.  Cover and let cook until it resembles applesauce, adding a little water from time to time to keep things moist.  Mine was ready within 20 minutes.

Note:  I like my applesauce a little tart, so I do not use a lot of sugar, but feel free to adjust to your tastes! It is the method that is important.   Enjoy!





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