All Things Wood

This is one of my favorite collections.  I love wood and all of its beautiful grains, natural beauty and function.  People are so afraid of wood, thinking about the sanitary aspects and the up keep, but honestly people have been using wood safely for hundreds of years and with just a little bit of care, you can have pieces that can be passed down from generation to generation.  I have wooden spoons of my mothers that are 40 plus years old and I use them all the time.  I don't have much on my kitchen counter, but what I do have are three large containers filled with all kinds of wooden utensils and I use them all.  I have collected numerous wooden bowls over the years, but they all get constant use and are some of my favorite things in my kitchen.  I see that people are turning back to nature for what they need and want in the kitchen and that is a fabulous thing!  Karen
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