Kitchen Tools

For a kitchen tool to make it onto the pages of this site, it has to meet two requirements. First, I have to love it and have used it.  Second, it has to be a good seller in the store with great customer feedback.  I love to cook, eat, talk about food, gadgets, and everything about the kitchen, so it is important that I know about the kitchen tools that I am buying, selling, and using.  I am open to change and new things, leaving the door open for a new type or new brand of a kitchen tool favorite.  Take the citrus zester, I love my Microplane Zester, and I sell a lot, but the KitchenIQ Better Zester was a fabulous find and I use it all the time. It is important to me to give people a choice in picking their preferences for all things for the kitchen.  I try very hard to provide the best in kitchen tools.  Karen
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