Juniper Berries

$ 3.00
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From Croatia.  Comes in a food safe ziplock bag for easy storage or transfer to a container or in a food safe metal tin.

1.0 oz / 1/4 cup  

Karen's Comments:

Juniper Berries are one of those special spices that you don't need a lot of.  They should be ground or crushed right before using.  You don't want to lose any of the essential oil flavor.  Juniper Berries have a piney, citrus, antiseptic taste.  Used in game dishes such as venison and duck.  It is also used in sauerkraut and along with salt, it helps to cure fish.  I use Juniper Berries in brines for chicken and turkey, when I am cooking salmon or slow roasting a pork shoulder.  They add a wonderful flavor to a port wine sauce that I pour over duck breasts.  

To read more about Juniper Berries return to the homepage and click "Columns" and then chose "Karen's Ingredients". 

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