Wildflower Foods Organic Creole Spice Blend

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Ingredients: organic basil, organic black pepper, organic cayenne, organic garlic, organic kosher salt, organic oregano, organic onion, organic paprika, and organic thyme

1.4 oz / 1/4 cup

Karen's Comments

This is one of my newest blends and I am just loving it.  I just love using blends, all the herbs and spices already mixed and ready to go.  Inspired by a customer's recipe and the love of her home, New Orleans, I just couldn't resist.  I have been using this on and in everything.  It truly is a fabulous base for all creole cooking, from gumbo, to shrimp, and beyond.  I have used it on steak, fish, and chicken plus in a mac n'cheese, which was out of this world yummy.  I used it as a base spice blend for corn chowder and it was amazing.  It has a medium heat index, the more you use the hotter it is, so just know that going in.  I also sprinkled some in my guacamole for something different.

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