Organic Fennel Seed

$ 3.00
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Comes in a food safe zip lock bag for easy storage or transfer to a container.

1.0 oz / 1/4 cup

Karen's Comments

Whenever I make a blend of seeds for a rub in my mortar and pestle, I always include fennel.  I love the aroma and the fabulous liquorice/anise flavor that it adds.  It has a very mild flavor, so don't worry if you're not crazy about liquorice.  Toasting the seeds in a dry pan before using will accentuate the flavor.  It is used in rye breads, sweet pastries, and sausage.  It can be used in pickling solutions, in stews, as an addition to curry, meats such as pork, in fish and seafood dishes.  It can be used with cabbage to aide in digestion, and one of my favorites, with a cucumber salad!

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