Wildflower Foods Curry Spice Blend For Poultry, Fish, Vegetables, Pasta And More!

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Ingredients: Curry, Lime, and Black Pepper

Salt Free

.9 oz net weight

Karen's Comment:

I love blending herbs and spices.  There is something wonderful for me in putting flavors together.  This blend has some of my favorites.  Developed as a blend for butter, which it is amazing with, I have found that it is terrific used on poultry, fish, vegetables, in rice, and pasta. I have used it as a dry rub, but also as a wet rub mixed with olive oil for grilling and roasting.  Often I add it to guacamole as an extra little flavor and it is amazing.  A little pinch to soup adds something special.  To finish a steak, I will add a dash to butter and let it melt on top!  The lime and black pepper mellow out the curry so it is a wonderful combination.  I make my spice blends salt free so that everyone can adjust to their tastes.

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