Healing Dinners

The Details:

Healing Dinners are the first Sunday of every month.  They are limited to 6 guests.  They start at 4:00 pm and go to about 7:30 pm.  The cost is $50.00 per person, which includes your lesson, dinner, and beverage.  I ask for payment in advance, in the form of cash or check. Please call the store for more information.  The number is 203-458-7700.

What Is A Healing Dinner?

A Healing Dinner is a hands on cooking lesson, sharing of a meal, a place to meet new people, and a fabulous opportunity to look at food in a whole new way.  I always ask guests if there is something specific that they would like to learn how to do or to learn about and I plan around those specifics.  Each dinner is totally unique in its guests and lessons.

Why The Name "Healing Dinners"?

Cooking, eating, teaching, and sharing are very healing for me.  There is something so wonderful for me in food.  It is a way of showing love, gratitude, compassion, and joy.  My "Healing Dinners" are a place for people to simply enjoy cooking, food, and a little healing of the soul.

Who Comes To The Healing Dinners?  What If It's Only Me That Wants To Attend?

In this lies the beauty of these dinners.  Every guest list is unique.  You can attend as a couple, with a friend, or just yourself.  I have always lived my life by this simple rule, if there is something that I want to do, I do it.  Whether with someone or not.  Usually, the most wonderful experiences come from doing something on my own.

Upcoming Dinners:

Sunday, February 8th    Souffles, Sweet and Savory!

Sunday, March 1st    Fun With Paella!

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