Intuitive Energy Work

Do you have a space that needs clearing?  Do you feel the need to clear your own energy and go in a different direction?  Do you want to change the way that you cook and eat?  Do you want to have an evening get together with an Intuitive Energy Healer? That is where Intuitive Energy Work can help. We offer sessions to clear a space of energy that might be lingering before a holiday get together, move, or other special event. Intuitive sessions are also available to clear your own energy and make way for something new in your life.  Group sessions are also a fun alternative.  Each session is uniquely designed to fit the individual needs of the client.  Intuitive Energy Work is a simple and straightforward way to clear the air!  It can go hand and hand with a cooking lesson or demonstration which is always a light and wonderful experience. Again, we cater to the needs of our clients.  Can be done in the store or out.  Having energy work done can open up new avenues of adventure and satisfaction in your life.

For more information and rates please call The Kitchen Store at 203-458-7700 or email us at 



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