12" Solid Cherry Wood Bowl

$ 79.95

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Made of solid cherry wood.  Made in the USA.  Cherry is loved for its beautiful grain and coloring.  Comes fully seasoned and ready to use.

Family size 4 - 6 people

Karen's Comments

I love wood bowls.  I have many, all different sizes, and I use them almost daily.  I am constantly grabbing one for salads, bread, guacamole, or just to hold my fruits and vegetables.  I have a beautiful cherry bowl that is probably over 35 years old and it still looks great and I use it all the time.  With just a little bit of care, these bowls will last a lifetime.  They make a fabulous gift too! 

Note:  Each bowl is totally unique.  The one pictured is not necessarily the one that is in stock.  They are all beautiful and I hand pick them myself.

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