6 1/2" Hand Forged Cleaver

$ 325.00
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Carbon Steel - Made the traditional way, the way our great grandfathers made knives. With hammer and anvil, the blades are forged to shape, ground and polished one by one by hand.

Each knife is unique, one of a kind.

Karen's Comments

I am in love with this knife!  Not only do I have a passion for knives, my passion is double for cleavers.  I can not explain it, I just love how they look and their versatility.  This knife was made in Connecticut by Matthew Parkinson, an amazing knife maker and I only have one, which is why I haven't taken it home.  I use a cleaver for everything from chopping vegetables, to boning a chicken, to mincing garlic to a paste.  This is an exceptionally beautiful knife, one of a kind.  

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