9" Copper Crepe Pan

$ 254.00
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From The French Copper Studio.  Handcrafted in France by Pierre Vergnes, a copper artisan with decades of experience.  This pan is unrivaled in quality and with the proper care, will last a lifetime. The pan thickness is 2.5mm, for even heat distribution, 2mm of the finest quality copper and .5mm of a protective tin lining.  The steel handles only add to the beauty and function. To protect the copper from patina prematurely, the manufacturer coats it with protective lacquer which needs to be removed before using for cooking. Hand washing with a mild soap and water is required.  Not dishwasher safe!

9" in diameter with a smooth finish

Please note that the look of each piece by Pierre Vergnes may vary due to the handcrafted manner of production.

Karen's Comments

There is no more remarkable experience in the kitchen than to cook with copper!  To me, something totally magical happens to my food when I use my copper pots.  From a perfectly fried egg, to sinfully delicious crepes, to mouth watering sauteed mushrooms, and the most unbelievable bechamel sauce ever, copper is simply the best!  My collection has been purchased over many years with patience and diligence, but it has been well worth it. Each piece by The French Copper Studio is unique and handcrafted.  They make a wonderful gift to yourself or to that special chef in your life 


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