Ateco Decorating Bags

$ 4.95
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Reusable and made in the USA.  Plastic coated inside for easy cleaning.  Professional quality outside fabric.  Never gets slippery.  Designed for both food service and home use.  Easy to clean.  Rated highly by Cook's Illustrated.

Soft Disposable bags come in a pack of 10.  Strong, flexible and non-slip.  Saves time, eliminates clean-up.  12" size.

Karen's Comments

I have been using and selling the Ateco decorating bags for years.  They are of a professional quality and clean very easily.  When picking a size, I always tell first time users to go bigger.  You can fit more in the bag and have the ability to fold over.  The pack of 10 disposable bags is a great option if doing more than one type of filling.  I often use the disposables if I am doing different colored frosting.

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