Beech Wood Bowls

Beech Wood Bowls

$ 31.95
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Made from solid beech with a bee's oil finish

Karen's Comments

I love wood bowls and use them almost everyday! From salads, to chopping herbs, to serving bread, and making guacamole. With just a little bit of care, wood bowls can last a lifetime and be passed down from generation to generation.  Beech bowls are lighter in color than cherry, but are just as beautiful.  They are a great starting point for your collection. The same fabulous craftsmanship as our cherry bowls, but only a different species of wood, thats all.  To me, beech is a more modern, clean look.  I have several beech bowls in my collection and I adore them.  They make a great gift too!

Just a note.....Because every bowl is unique, the bowl that is pictured may not be the bowl that you receive.  I hand pick the bowls, so please know that I love each one.

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