Kitchen IQ Angle Adjust Adjustable Manual Knife Sharpener

$ 39.95
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Cast aluminum body with rubber handle and nonslip base.  Sharpens Asian and Euro-American knives. Able to adjust angle.  Allows you to sharpen a knife to the original factory angle.  There are 3 slots for sharpening.  The fine slot features ceramic rods for everyday light honing and keeping an already sharp knife sharp.  The coarse slot features diamond stones that are used to sharpen dull or damaged knives. The serrated slot is a fixed slot designed for sharpening most styles of serrated knives.  Clean with a damp cloth.  Width 1.5" Depth 10.6" Height 2.63"

Karen's Comments

As you may know from some of my descriptions, I am a knife sharpener.  In all the years of having my store, I have never sold a knife sharpener, manual or electric, because I haven't found one that I have actually liked.  This sharpener, I love!  It is so easy to use and the fact that you can hone and sharpen all in the same tool is wonderful.  I love that it has a slot for sharpening serrated blades. Adjusting your angle is as simple as turning a dial.  I don't know about you, but I have Japanese steel knives along with my other knives and I love being able to sharpen those as well.  This is a simple essential in my kitchen!

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