KitchenIQ Better Zester, Green

$ 14.95

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Made of stainless steel with a v-etched zester blade made up of 300 tiny v-shaped teeth. Covered with a food safe non-stick coating, ensuring smooth grating and easy clean up. Has a "Fresh Zest" storage container, non-slip foot, protective cover, and built in scraper. Dishwasher safe.

Karen's Comments

I love this grater, even more than my microplance, which I never thought that I would say! It has a curved erogonomic design, which is just fabulous to hold and makes zesting so easy.  The v-shaped teeth really get the perfect amount of zest.  I love the storage container, especially when I need to measure the amount of zest for a recipe. It is so simple to store and its great that it is dishwasher safe. This is the new "simple essential" zester for every kitchen.

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