Organic Cocoa Powder

$ 3.00
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Dutch Processed.  From Italy.  Comes in a food safe ziplock bag for easy storage or transfer to a container or in a food safe metal tin.

1.1 oz / 1/4 cup     2.1 oz / 1/2 cup     3.1 oz / 3/4 cup    4.1 oz / 1 cup

Metal Tin is only available in the 1.1 oz/1/4 cup size

Karen's Comments:

Fabulous cocoa powder makes such a huge difference in your baking and Organic is even better.  I bake a lot and I love this cocoa powder.  The smell and the color are amazing!  It is dutch processed which is a century's old process of enhancing the color and taking out a bit of the bitter taste.  It is unsweetened.  Recipes are very specific when calling for dutch processed or raw cocoa.

To read more about Cocoa Powder, please go to the homepage "Columns" and "Karen's Ingredients".


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