Organic Sage Leaf

$ 3.00
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Comes in a food safe zip lock bag for easy storage or transfer to a container.

.3 oz / 1/4 cup

Karen's Comments

Sage is my signature herb.  I grow it abundantly in my garden and cook with it year round.  It has an unmistakable peppery and earthy flavor.  I usually add a pinch to any herb blend that I am making.  It is great with chicken, pork, fish, lamb, and wonderful with sweet potatoes and squash.  I love it paired with apples and pineapple.  It goes well with most cheeses.  Combining it with rosemary is fabulous!  Sage butter is my favorite to serve with gnocchi and goes great with ravioli, and pasta too.  I love making a wonderful, healing, and purifying cup of tea when I am feeling a bit run down.  I love sage!   

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