Perforated Pizza Crisper, 14" by Chicago Metallic

$ 12.95

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Traditional 14" round.  Heavy duty construction.  Non-stick, easy release.  Perforations allow for greater airflow for crispier crusts.  Dishwasher safe.

Karen's Comments

This is a great pan for someone new to pizza making, for someone who doesn't own a pizza stone, and for someone who has been making pizza with a stone but who wants to try something different.  I fall into the latter category having been making pizza for years and who thought it would be fun to try it with this pan.  To my complete delight, the pizza came out great.  It cooked perfectly and it was easy in and out of the oven.  Another great feature was that you could prepare your pizza right on the pan.  It is also great for heating frozen pizza!

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