OXO Good Grips Potato Ricers

$ 24.95
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Tags: Kitchen

Made of strong stainless steel. Available in two varieties.  One with an oversized, cushioned knob that hooks onto any size pot or bowl with a fine setting.  The second is adjustable with rotating stainless steel disks in three sizes, fine, medium, and coarse for more versatility.  Both are dishwasher safe.

Karen's Comment

Believe it or not, I use my ricer a lot. It is great for making gnocchi, mashed potatoes, and even baby food. I eat a lot of roasted root veggies and I love to put them through the ricer together so I get a great combination of flavors.  It makes the smoothest sweet potato casserole ever.  The 3 in 1 adjustable allows for more versatility from vegetable purees, to applesauce and chunky egg salad.  OXO products have a great reputation.


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