Prosperity Hens From Indika

$ 20.00

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Hens symbolize prosperity.  Prosperity strings invite abundance and good fortune all year long.

Made by a women's craft cooperative in India.  Sewn from the colorful cotton sari fabric scraps of their own. The glass beads and silver ornaments are chosen carefully.  Each bronze bell has its own unique tinkle.  Each string is 45" in length and has approximately 30 hens.

Karen's Comments

Hands down, this is my favorite item in the store.  I have been buying them for my friends for years and I have them hanging in my kitchen, my bedroom, and in the store.  I just love them.  I love the fact that they are handmade by women who are providing a better life for themselves.  They always make me smile! What a great gift they make!  I know that everyone that I have given them to, loves and cherishes them.  It is my go to new house or apartment gift.  I have put them in with shower and wedding gifts too!  It is something that stays with you.

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