Revol Revolution Yellow Round Cocotte, 3.75 Qt

$ 249.95

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Made in France of natural componets with no heavy metals or toxins.  Will not react with any foods, is completely nonporous and will not absorb fats, odors, or bacteria.  Works on every heat source, including induction.  From freezer to oven, induction to grill, table to dishwasher.  Great for preparing, simmering, baking and presenting.

Karen's Comments

In my kitchen it is all about Revol.  It is what I cook with.  I keep my cocotte on the stove at all times, that is how much I use it.  From making pasta, to browning meats, to making soup, and roasting a chicken, the cocotte does it all.  Often people come into the store looking for enameled cast iron and I love telling them that Revol cooks the same way but without the weight and it doesn't stain or chip.  They always buy one and come back for another size.  It is a beautiful piece that goes from oven to table, to dishwasher all effortlessly.  

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