Spoon Spatula By Culinary Tech

$ 8.95
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Made in the USA from the purest silicone and heat tested to 800 degrees.  Rock maple handles.  Will not crack, tear, melt or distort and completely dishwasher safe.  Available in red only.

Overall Length  11.25"   Head 3.25" x 2.25"

Karen's Comments

These spatulas are my all time favorites!  I have a big container of them that sit on my kitchen counter and get used everyday for every job imaginable.  After years of use, they still look and function as well as when they were new.  The handles are so comfortable. They remind me of the spatulas that my mother used.  I love to use this spoon when mixing a batter or sauce and testing is a must. They don't stain and they just pop into the dishwasher.  A simple essential in my kitchen.


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