The Artisan Apron By Glenn Michael

$ 55.00

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Handcrafted in Rhode Island by a master tailor with over 40 years experience in the industry. Made of 100% cotton canvas, dyed with awning strips making each piece a one of a kind.

Created with the artist in mind, the artisan apron begs for paint and dirt.  Long enough to wipe your hands on so go make a masterpiece, the artisans' got you covered.

Orders ship directly from Glenn Michael and may take up to one week to ship.  Aprons are all handmade.

Karen's Comments

Boy, I wish I had this apron when I was an art teacher.  I would always come home with all kinds of things on my clothes.  Oh, those were the days.  I love this apron, I think it's the strips!  Whether creating that fabulous food for a big dinner party or cleaning all those dishes, a striped apron belongs in the kitchen!  I love that these aprons are handcrafted and that there is nothing like them on the market.  They are fun a made to last!

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