Wildflower Foods Ceili Spice Blend For Meats, Fish, And Beyond

$ 7.00
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Ingredients:  black pepper, cumin, garlic powder, lime powder, and paprika

Salt Free

1.4 oz net weight

Karen's Comments

The greatest part of my job is making spice blends.  I have a large variety of herbs and spices in my store and it is so wonderful for me to create new combinations.  The "Ceili Spice Blend" was inspired by my need for a spice rub for a flank steak that I was preparing and it came out great not only for the flank steak, but for everything from chicken, to short ribs, to fish, and even sprinkled in flour when you are doing fried seafood, chicken or vegetables.  It is such a versatile blend.  If you are looking for a rub that can blacken, this blend does the job beautifully.  It has the perfect amount of spice and heat.  "Ceili", pronounced kay-lee, is the Gaelic word for "little party or celebration" and that is what I think of when I use this blend, people gathered together, great conversation, and great food!  Enjoy!

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