Wusthof 7" Nakiri Knife

$ 119.95

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Made in Germany.  A single piece of sturdy high carbon steel that resists stains and corrosion.  Precision edge technology ensures a sharper blade and extra edge retention. Full tang is triple riveted to the handle for exceptional durability and control.

Karen's Comments

The first knife that I ever bought was a Wusthof and I still have it today, some 27 years later.  There is nothing like a fabulous knife in your hands.  It truly makes a huge difference when cooking.  The Nakiri knife to me is the next generation of must have knives.  It has a slender cleaver shaped blade which is so easy to use and does a wonderful job chopping, slicing, and mincing.  If you have ever wanted to try a cleaver but were worried about the size, the Nakiri is a perfect choice for you.

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